We use an HD vision switcher/mixer with 4 camera inputs and multiple wipe efx.

Video inputs:

  • SDI cable runs up to 100m
  • Camera patch boxes with tally light capabilities
  • Cable runs include 240v to power cameras or they can use battery

Video Mixing:

  • Up to 1000 input channels for overlay, chyrons (supers/lower thirds) and vision segments
  • Wipes and effects
  • Chroma Key (Green Screen)
  • Slow Motion Replay facilities

Sound is mixer via a 6 input mixer with tone adjustment, balance, gain and efx row.

Audio inputs:

  • 4 Balanced XLR microphone inputs
  • 2 AUX inputs for MP3 Player etc.
  • Monitor and efx rows


Video is broadcast or recorded by PC with an Intel i7 with 16GB RAM and hybrid hard discs.

Live Streaming:

Streaming is via 4GX broadband on the Telstra network.

Control van is air conditioned and can be powered by our silenced generator if required.